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Have you found a property you’re interested in buying? Do not hesitate to email us a copy of the contract and we will provide you with a free contract review. Simply fill out the information in the form and we will contact you within 3 hours.

Have you been let down by other conveyancers or lawyers who overpromise, charge huge fees and then underdeliver?

It’s frustrating that you can’t find a legal practitioner who would finally understand how important it is for you to work with somebody who gets that you only have a small window of opportunity to make an offer to purchase a property and be ready to sign a contract fast. It’s disappointing when you can’t get hold of your conveyancer or a lawyer when you need to speak to them. And then the last straw is to receive an invoice which makes your head spin.

Our number one promise to you is that we work fast, without cutting corners, to make sure you are ready to either attend an auction or sign a contract when your offer is accepted. We work fast to prepare a contract for the sale of your property so that you can put the property on the market without any delays. We work together with your real estate agent to negotiate the deal while protecting and looking after your interests. We work with your mortgage broker to make sure you are ready for settlement of your property on time. All we want you to worry about is picking up a key to your new home.

We don’t overpromise, we communicate with you at all times so you know what is happening and we do not surprise you with a huge bill at the end of the transaction. We are easy to talk to and work with, we are transparent and hardworking. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

Everyone is talking about us

"Fabulous service. Svetlana gave us so much assistance with our purchase and nothing was too much trouble. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."


Naremburn, January 2020

"Svetlana is hands on, thorough and enjoyable to work with, and we greatly appreciate her patience and guidance with us. You won't regret going to her as she makes property exchange a breeze!"


Willoughby, January 2020

"Very easy to deal with, and helpful for those who are just getting their head around how real estate transactions work. Very quick, organised and transparent."


Cammeray, April 2020

"Svetlana was a pleasure to deal with. Both her work and advice were excellent throughout the entire process. Highly recommended!!"


Greenwich, April 2020

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