Cybersecurity in Property Transactions

From phishing attempts to fraudulent emails, cyber criminals are out there trying to catch you off guard. Understanding the risks is the first step to keeping your property transaction secure.

In this week’s podcast episode, I share practical tips that anyone can implement immediately. When you are transferring money for a deposit or for settlement purposes, you need to protect your hard-earned money. Start by verifying bank account details over the phone before initiating any funds transfers. Never blindly trust email addresses—hover your mouse over the address to ensure its legitimacy. If you don’t know the sender of the email, resist the temptation to click on hyperlinks. Simple actions like these can go a long way in protecting your money and personal information.

A crucial piece of advice, never conduct online transactions when you are busy or distracted. Online predators are opportunistic, preying on your vulnerability and waiting for the precise moment when your guard is down. Unfortunately, I’ve heard of too many cases where clients inadvertently transferred money to the wrong account because they failed to verify the bank account details. The consequences are always horrendous for everyone involved.

When you adopt basic security practices, you take control of your digital transactions. Always verify, double-check and stay vigilant—these habits can make a significant difference in keeping cyber threats at bay.

In a world where digital transactions shape our financial landscape, proactive security measures are your best defence.