How to Master the Art of Renovating for Profit?

If you have been tempted to turn your passion for renovating into more than just a hobby then you need to listen to today’s episode. I’m talking to Bernadette Janson, founder of The School of Renovating and the author of “She Renovates” Podcast.

Bernadette started renovating as a hobby while she was raising her 4 children and she discovered that she enjoyed turning average houses into beautiful family homes. Bernadette has been renovating and selling properties for over 30 years. In 2013 she established The School of Renovating to share her extensive knowledge of renovating and to inspire others, particularly women, to increase their financial security through renovating for profit.

Bernadette and I talked about what is involved in due diligence for a renovation project and Bernadette shared her tips for beginners. She advised what simple things you can do to add value to the property. We also discussed whether you should do the renovation project yourself or whether you should hire professionals. She shared excellent tips on how to choose tradies and how to set up a budget for your project and how to avoid blowing your budget. Bernadette also talked about renovating strata apartments and what you need to be aware of versus renovating houses.

If you have caught the renovating bug and you want to learn more then check out Bernadette’s The School of Renovating.

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