How to Save Money for Deposit Faster and Other Financial Hacks

In this week’s episode I’m chatting with Melissa Browne who is an ex-accountant, ex-financial planner, a financial educator who is passionate about talking about money, how to make it, save it and how to spend it wisely. Mel’s mission is to educate women to reduce their financial overwhelm.

We talked about Mel’s early days and her journey from law to accounting and building successful businesses. We also talked about Mel’s love of shoes and chocolate.

We talked about the good old Australian dream of owning your home. Mel shared her tips and financial hacks on how to save money for a deposit faster. But we also talked about stereotypical money myths and excuses we sometimes hide behind when it comes to money and our behaviour towards money.

Mel also talked about different ways you can grow your wealth and how to start investing. Mel even talked about her own financial mistakes and also about the best financial decisions she has made.

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