What Every Buyer Should Know About Buying a Strata Unit?

In this week’s episode of The NSW Property Show I asked Amanda Farmer questions about what you should know about buying a strata unit.

Amanda Farmer is an accomplished lawyer in the area of strata and community titles law. Amanda is the owner of Lawyers Chambers, which is strata focused legal practice and she is also the host of her own podcast called Your Strata Property. Amanda advises property owners, strata managers, property developers and local councils on various strata title issues.

We discussed with Amanda what it means to own a strata unit. Amanda explained the role of an executive committee, strata manager and building manager. We discussed who is responsible for building repairs and maintenance. Amanda talked about difference between administrative and capital works funds. Amanda shared her tips for first home buyers and we discussed importance of obtaining a strata inspection report before you buy a strata unit.

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