How to Prepare your House for Sale

Do you need to prepare your house for sale? We talked to agents Jen and James Garwood to hear their top five tips to get your property ready to sell.

Get your house ready to sell

If you are ready to take the next step in your property journey, unless you’re investing, you need to prepare your house for sale.

There’s more to getting top dollar for your home than placing an ad online. There are tips and tricks to getting a house ready for sale.

The top five tips to prepare your house for sale

Thorpe Conveyancing talked to Jen and James Garwood, the mother and son owners of Garwoods Estate Agents in Sydney, about the best ways to prepare your house for sale.

1. Hire an agent

Unless you work in the property industry, you won’t have the breadth of knowledge and insider tips that an agent will have. James says, “This is something that we do every day, and it’s part of our job. It’s a process we understand.”

Having an agent reduces the risk of complications and emotions running high. “We create a distance between the buyer and the seller,” adds Jen. “And we try to bring them both together in a lovely, gentle, easy way. Our job is to make it come together.”

2. Timing

The time of year you put a property on the market can make all the difference, but there’s more to it than when the garden is flowering, “There are still no rules around when you should sell.” Jen says,  “It’s a very old school idea that you always sell in spring when the garden is good and the jacarandas are out… because not every house has a garden or a jacaranda.”

As James points out, there are much more important things to consider, “If you’re selling a family home you don’t want to be selling in the middle of school holidays when people are travelling, but if you’re selling a north-facing property that’s got beautiful, natural light all year round, maybe you’re better to sell it when there’s less competition.”

You also need to consider your personal life, “It’s all about what’s happening in your life at that time.” James continues, “You may have just bought a house at auction, and your house isn’t the right aspect for that time of year, but you’ve just bought, and you’ve got to work with what you’ve got and maximise it because it may just be the time that you need to go to market.”

3. Dressing

How you dress your property when you prepare your house for sale is another area that often has people confused. “Styling will be very personal to the property,” says Jen, “You may not need styling, you may need to be completely styled, you may just need a couple of bedside tables.”

In general, if you are styling your property, there is one rule to stick to; stay neutral, “You don’t want to renovate in a specific taste because you may go and put in a very specific stone or splashback or a tile and someone hates it.”

James points out that it is also about doing the right amount of work in the right places,  “Look at the work that you’re going to do and make sure they’re going to enhance what you’ve got. You don’t want to go and put a beautiful brand new kitchen in and spend your entire premarket budget, only to leave the rest of the house looking tired.”

4. Price

“There are three reasons that a property won’t sell; price, presentation, and promotion,” says James, “If you make your home look the best it can to really showcase it to the market it comes down to price.” Set your price too high and you won’t sell, no matter how well presented your house may be.

“If your price is wrong,” James continues, “and then you start reducing the price, quite often that says to the market something’s wrong. If you’re ready to be realistic and aligned with the market you can always increase the price guide if you feel you’ve got a lot of interest. 

There’s a very fine line between having the price right and underquoting. Take time to make sure that you put it to market for a fair amount.”

5. Marketing

Finally, Jen finishes with a reminder about marketing, “The most important thing is to do good marketing. You need to make sure you have the best possible marketing. If you’re going to do it, do it right and see what the market will bring you.”

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