The difference between a good conveyancer and a great one

Conveyancers are all the same, right? Like any service provider, the answer is no. Find out what makes a great conveyancer stand out.

conveyancerAs a real estate agent, mortgage broker or property buyer, you may feel your choice of conveyancer is inconsequential. After all, how hard is it to organise for a few papers to be signed?

The thing is, an outstanding conveyancer will make it seem that easy. With them on your side, the service you receive will feel seamless, so much so that it may be difficult to determine the value of it.

If, however, you do end up working with a less than professional conveyancer, you will understand the impact immediately.

With that in mind, here’s how to spot the difference between a good conveyancer and a great one.


When it comes to conveyancing and property law, there are few things more valuable than experience. The more transactions a conveyancer has handled, the easier they will find it to spot hidden issues or red flags.

Having hit many roadblocks in their time, an experienced conveyancer will also have ideas and recommendations on how to overcome challenges and ensure property contracts are signed, sealed and delivered sooner.

Proactive vs reactive

Your conveyancer, if experienced, will contact all relevant stakeholders to let them know what they need to do and when. These calls shouldn’t take place the night before, but with plenty of notice so people have time to act without feeling rushed.

Great conveyancers know in advance what could potentially go wrong. They have preventative measures in place so there is less disruption to the process.


There are several key stakeholders for each real estate transaction. This includes, of course, the property buyers and sellers but also the mortgage broker, the real estate agent and the buyers agent. It is essential all parties be kept up to date on what is happening so they find it easier to communicate amongst themselves and plan their next steps.

One thing a great conveyancer asks themselves before sending an email is “Who else can benefit from this information?” It doesn’t make sense to update a home buyer, only to have the mortgage broker on the phone the next day wondering what is going on.

A great conveyancer will always aim to be a step ahead. They will send updates so nobody has to make phone calls and check emails.

If you are an excellent agent or broker, you’ll make communication a priority. It makes sense to work with a conveyancer who does the same.

Attention to detail

In the legal world, the little things are everything. A simple error like a misspelled name can result in documents having to be re-signed and re-issued, delaying the settlement process by days or weeks.

A great conveyancer checks, double checks and checks again. They will have systems and procedures in place, with checklists that ensure such matters aren’t left to chance.

Latest technology

E-signatures are creating a faster and simpler way to deal with contracts, even for transactions as big as property.

Look for a conveyancer who is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and who is actively delivering easier ways for all parties to share legally binding signatures without paper copies needing to be transferred across the city.


Property transactions often take place with a sense of urgency, particularly when both parties are attempting to buy and sell simultaneously.

You will know if you have a conveyancer you can rely on if they appreciate the need for timeliness and go the extra mile to ensure everyone’s deadlines are heeded.

Again, systems and processes are essential here, as is the use of task software which will send alerts to your conveyancer when signatures and documents are due.

Service with a smile

Nobody wants to work with someone who doesn’t leave them feeling positive. Even though legal services are essential, it is still important to treat people with respect and have good standards of customer care.

Some conveyancers fail to remember this and leave clients feeling flat and unimpressed. They don’t have values which reflect a commitment to good service and therefore their clients don’t rush to recommend them.

At Thorpe Conveyancing, we love our clients and always aim to finish on a high note.

Need a great conveyancer? It can make a huge difference to the overall experience of your customers if you recommend them to someone they can rely on completely. Get in touch with Thorpe Conveyancing to find out more today.


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